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Repcomm Dump 1
like 50% bardan
i love him so much....
drawing parja was hecka fun
so is kal, i love him too.... i love all the characters.......
i have a whole list of repcomm stuff i wanna make more dumps out of but i figured i had enough for now
i couldnt draw hands but my weird space dogs turned out great so what's up with that
morcephus markerphus
with a name like that he's just asking for tons of bad puns
he's probably mad at a cloud or something
REPCOMM FIC- Burc'yase

RAS Fearless, time to target: twenty minutes


                “Boss, how do you plan to execute this?” I ask.

                “Get there first, get them out fast, and bug out even faster. That usually works pretty well.”

                I bristle at his lack of detail, but that isn’t fair to him. Only non-clone officers need these things explained.  “Could you be more specific?”

                “Okay, we get alongside Omega’s location, access the cockpit, seal against vacuum, and extract personnel.”

                “Access means a big bang, yes?”

                “No. Scorch would usually love that, but this is a cutting job if you want those prisoners alive because that’ll mean an instant decompression. If you don’t want them alive, then that’s easier. Omega has enough air, so their suits are still good for another twenty minutes in vacuum. In that case we just blow the cockpit viewscreen and haul them out.”

    I’ve been asked to make a lot of decisions lately.

                Right now, Boss is asking me to make a very immediate decision. Complete the mission with terrorist suspects who can still talk, or keep Omega safe from the Sep ship that will blow them apart if we take too long?

                I know what my personal choice is. Keep my friends safe. Make sure Darman, Niner, Fi and Atin all make it back. If they got blown apart because of a decision I made…

                Boss can tell I’m wavering, a child out of her depth when a snappy decision needs to be made.

                “General, I’ve spoken to Niner,” he says. “He’s clear. They’re all clear. This is as close as we’ve come to grabbing some key players for a long, long time, and it probably cost their pilot his life as well. We have to make prisoner retrieval the priority. We all know the game by now. It’s a risk for us, too. We might all get vaped.”

                That hurts, like pushing a deep bruise. “I know you’re correct, but none of you is expendable as far as I’m concerned. And I know you’ll do everything you can to get them out alive.”

                “General, is that an order, and if so, what is it? Extract Omega and abandon the prisoners? Or what?”

                My stomach drops. It’s easy to comfort men as they die. It’s much harder to stand here as Boss waits for me to tell him whether to rescue terrorists at the risk of my friends’ lives. Darman’s life- my first friend outside the Order, the man who kept me on my feet after my master died.

                Did they ask Skirata? What did he say?

                Gett holds up three fingers. We’re gaining on the Sep vessel.

                “Extract the prisoners,” I say, before I can think about what I’m doing. “And we’ll be right behind you with the firepower.”


i've had an idea for a fic where things DONT go to total osik for a while now (ironed out with the assistance of my other clone-obsessed friends)

premise: etain and darman remain friends instead of getting romantically involved, thus preventing the giant mess that came out of that
venku is atin and laseema's son (the explanation for this gets really complicated are you ready)
(so basically i am fully aware that repcomm canon is that twi'leks and humans are not sexually compatible, which makes a lot of sense. clone wars seems to have ignored this with two clone/twi'lek children- shaeeah and jek- but as far as i know those are the only canon clone/twi'lek children)
(SO WHAT WAS MY SOLUTION? clones happen to be compatible with a few extra species due to all the genetic tweaking)
venku wouldn't be force sensitive naturally, but as that never really is much of a plot point, for the purposes of a fluff fic i think we'll be okay

anyways im not too sure about this introduction, it was the best place i could find to start, and i think i kept it pretty true to the book's intros: first person, dumps you straight into some action or other active scene... i realized while i was uploading this that i never mention etain's name but i hope it's obvious enough that it's her pov
also im gonna change that image preview later just.... i REALLY hate deviantart's text upload....

thinking about writing an extended repcomm fix-it fic


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